Benefits Of Joining Magipea’s Member

1. Newly registered members will get 500 points(RM5)

2. How To Use Points: You can use them with a minimal spending of RM150

3. VIP members can become VIP members after logging in to the member on Magipea’s Official Website

4. Immediately get 500points = RM5 when you fill in your birthday in the member information , you will also get 1000point = RM10 on your birthday.

5. Can be used within 30 Days.

VIP members can refer friends to buy and get referral points

– Any member of Magipea’s official website refers a friend to buy they can get 1000point = RM10

Referral Point

The more friends you refer to buy, the more Referral Points you get!

– You can use it as long as you spend more than RM150
(Maximum discount can be as high as 5000point = RM50 for one order)

Precautions for Birthday Shopping

1. Please remember to fill in your birthday when joining as a Magipea member

2. Birthday Points will be sent to members by system early in the morning of that member that are having his or her birthday that day.
For example: Members who join after midnight on the day of their birthday, the system will not reissue the purchase money.

Member points collection method

3. The points sent within one year will expire on 12/31 next year.
For example: The points sent from 1/1 to 12/31 this year will all expire on 12/31 next year

4. The points will be used to redeem future beauty products or redeemable gifts from time to time

5. The Magipea’s point system starts on 2021/15/4. The previous consumption cannot be combined due to the difficulty of system integration. Please understand.