360° Magipea Mobile Phone Holder & Stand

.Anti vibration, No Apps needed for stable photo shooting
.Patented special single-axis structure
.Standard 1/4 connector. Compatible with cameras, GoPro and other devices
.Dual mode. Can be used for selfie or as a holder
.280g lightweight design


Product Description


多國專利設計 – 【旅行追劇神器】360度旅行懶人夾手機支架 – 旅行支架

Product specifications

Product name: 360 degree travel lazy clip phone holder-travel holder
Color: Marble pattern, sage green
Weight: 95g
Size: When stored: 3.5cm (width) X 4cm (height) X 9.5cm (length); when unfolded: 3.5cm (width) X 4cm (height) X 9.5cm (length)
Material: ABS

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