Dual Microphones for Good Radio 2.0|2024 Future Microphone 1 to 2 Anti-Noise Microphone with Charging Compartment


. 1 to 2 wireless microphone
. Auction live streaming, filming, online teaching, interview videos, and a radio artifact for Douyin shooting
. Lightning and Type-C dual connector design, suitable for 99% of media devices
. Pair immediately after opening the charging compartment, no need to install APP, just plug and play
. Up to 50 meters radio range
. 2.4G high-speed transmission, continuous sound
. The microphone can be used for more than 6 hours when fully charged
. 1000mAh super large power charging compartment, can be recharged up to 14 times, and can be used for up to 84 hours
. The receiver is equipped with dual 3.5mm holes, which can instantly monitor the sound effect and connect the camera sound source hole
. Three adjustable anti-noise modes, adjust the anti-noise effect according to the shooting environment
. The windshield filters the sound quality and improves outdoor shooting performance
. Supports charging of mobile phones while shooting, so live broadcast and shooting without interruption

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