Tri Selfie Stick Max(Est stock arrival on 15th April)

. Extendable up to 150cm to get a better shooting angle
. Rechargeable wireless Bluetooth remote control
. Compatible with any mobile mobile phones on the market, such as Samsung 21, Iphone 12, Pixel5, Oppo Reno, Etc
. Standard 1/4 connector, compatible with cameras, GoPro and other devices
. Made by alluminium alloy to improve stability
. 445g lightweight design


Product Description

MAGIPEA美極品 Tripod Selfie Stick MAX

2020 most recommended long version wireless bluetooth selfie stick, can be used with GOPRO, camera, micro monocular.

Drunken Wonderland Testing Even In Strong Winds is OK

Product specifications

Product name: Tripod selfie stick MAX
Material: aluminum alloy
Elongation height (including mobile phone clamp): 156 cm
Storage length (excluding mobile phone clamp): 28 cm
Mobile phone clamp length: 7 cm
Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 4.2 (If the Bluetooth specification is higher than 4.2, there may be incompatibility issues, such as zenfone7)
Battery capacity: 65 mAh
Bluetooth remote control charging time: 20 minutes
Weight: 445 g
Bluetooth connection distance: 10 meters